Wednesday, January 11, 2017

kinda getting there

Getting there. 

I wish it was that physical and simple. 

"You need to get it to the next level!"
"Where the F is that?"
"You know when its THERE."

Oh F u mf ba c. 
That's what I used to think. 

nah, that 'there' is there. It exists. We jus don't know where lol. 

People use tools to get there. 
To find out if you're there yet. 

Like astrology. (yeah that's right i said something super important)

Oh snap. 
We should study astroarcheology and get galactic but we ain't all Harvard. 

So we use simple tools like RGB indicator. 

All these numbers don't make sense unless you know some basic info.
Like, in computer shit, the number 255 recall multiple times. It's math.
So, if Red Green and Blue is 255/255, it means, well, 1/1 right? It maxes out data, and becomes White.
0/255 is 0/0 and therefore it is No Data = Black.

You can physically see how much data you got.
That can get you to realize things like "Oh, this bright cream color is actually like 98% white and I shouldn't fuck around anymore..."

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