Monday, March 31, 2014


Life is beautiful.

Oh, I shot some interiors.

The restaurant is called Life is Beautiful.

The owner was probably looking at the sky or the sunset.

And thought,

Life is beautiful.

Normally, we see trees and sky, as if impressionist painters paint impressionist paintings.
We normally do not seek beyond to see the beauty of existence.

Most notable artists are reckless quack who gets categorized as if mentally ill.
So he was what kinda painter, was it?

Names were created to categorize. Differentiate and recognition.
So he was that kinda quack, rightttt...?

Everyone can agree, and go to sleep.

I think,


some people cannot just go to sleep.
So then rather party or something.

I hear only from party people, the beauty of light, morning sun, breeze and so on.
Maybe they're on something.

But what would you know, unless you know Life is Beautiful?