Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Till I see you again

Last days of NY 

New York City is a one-heck of a ride.
The empire-state-city runs on madness and blind-dating money.

It is easy to lose yourself in this rat race and turn into someone else.
Has it been any different since Midnight Cowboy?
It's hard to say as I often see my mates hustlin' down the city.


Things are also slightly rough and in-your-face. 
Taxi honks, every men yells and the industry can run you over one day.

Sex-slave-auctions may have disappeared from the Meat Packing District, but it has found new homes ran by the same, caters to the same. 
Name changes and business too. But it all exists, as we've never changed.

I still click my shutter thinking it would all be changed. 

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