Thursday, June 9, 2016

while looking thru..

I've been going thru my photos to find some black n white to wrap up.

I found my old shot from maybe 3 years ago.

This was taken at dusk. The magic hour, or what Nat Geo photogs call, Fuck-me-Light.


People whom realized this ain't shit told us "we've only got choices to make."

Something like that. 

It means, that our truest freedom is the freedom of choice. That we choose, not made to choose. 
It's fundamental in photography, because, it's down to the point of "which one?"

You've only got one shot. Which one?

Shiet, I dunno.


Changing exposure can deliver dramatic change to an image. 
Kinda obvious. 

"Exposure" means how seen it is. Revelation. 
Exposure means "watcha gonna SHOW?"

The railing, the people, the composition? 
Shit, I dunno. 

normal shot

Singapore afternoon.

Wednesday, June 8, 2016


I've abandoned this style for a while, because I was focusing on color.

I still haven't perfected color. But perfect ain't existing anyways so f' it.

I'm going back to Black and white because I felt like its time to get back.


Im compiling blacks and whites.

Digital is capable, but its capability throws me off sometimes.
Black and white for example was not a choice to make after the shoot.

Now it is after you shoot.

Saturday, June 4, 2016

seth roach

that;s his facegook. book.

Out of all the energetic people I meet in Singapore, Seth is one heck of a ride.

His life, too, is one heck of a ride.


I have a ghost.

oh jeesh.

When I shot, I never noticed.
It's like, "hey it's me! I'm inside the flare. Can you see me?"

Friday, June 3, 2016

motion blur

Slightly blur because i'm moving. 
posting my mistake photos. 

I exported this file with sRGB color space. 
The color aberration on the man's arm (left side) is fixable digitally nowadays, but I haven't explored.