Friday, September 19, 2014


I forget too many things, I keep a notebook, but I even forget that I keep things in my notebook, like… notebook existed…?

Buddha said "Self Realization" is the only way or the key or the watevs.

So I have to re-remeber it myself like "hey wake wake" myself and always re-remember that people can't tell me that I forgot to wash my undies or my socks.


I have to do it myself, and re-remember.

Oh yeah, I had dirty socks on my FLOOR!!!!!

satire. ;)

While i'm trying the Bootcamp (mac) issue, i am away for a vacation and there I...

I threw up after I drank 3.5 shots.

Oh the vomit days.
I did not miss you.

When do you become a pro?
Many people ask, and many say the same, actually.

"When you stop making mess" I remember this one underground Dj telling me that.

"Cleaner and tidier, after work, clean up, leave no trace, move on" and on and on.
He was the island's best audio visual subcontractor. Singapore island.

By the fourth time I walked up to the trash can, I was casually vomiting.
I was like a retired soldier. Oh... this again. Barf. Barf barf.

Good bye Tequila.

Wednesday, September 17, 2014











Thursday, September 11, 2014

Dean said

Dean said I have to show myself.

Like three times, in the course of like 3 years.

Hello because this is a blog and everyone shows themselves on their blog.

Hello everyone.


You gotta know how to read the rainbow.

Sounds corney. But this is colorimetrics.

Please follow.

My sketch. 


In DIGITAL it means 0 information. (or too much "it's got no data")
Because, ya know, its digital "negative" (censor).

Nowdays, you can ;click one click and things happen like WHITE.

But back in the days, you needed to know what WHITE meant in digital language. 0 and 1 language.
It means R=0(255), G=0(255) and B=0(255). Color is 3 dimensional.

The curve shows the amount of "cut-off" of colors of the paper.
It was only our eyes in dark that said "diiiiz isssss whaaiiiiiit" and then u print it and see in daylight to see if you're useful.

It's very hard to see 'nothing'.


Wednesday, September 10, 2014


i took out my cover image (for the webpage) and voila!

I even forgot to capitalise "I".


I'm working on my life (lol) and that means photo too.
I have to do laundry first.
Then eat.
Then go gotta make money some more out there.

And after few more things like cleaning and brushing my teeth, my photo gets ready like in an oven.
Just, like that.

Tuesday, September 9, 2014


Product for HQ Packaging .com(?)

That's right.

I'd do anything to 'shoot'.

I'm just shooting.
Sounds like an addict.

I'm just breathing.
And pressing that "clicking" thing on my camera.

Saturday, September 6, 2014


Everyone is thirsty. 

Is it the heat, or is it poverty?

Holy shit, people would kill with this heat. 

Los Angeles is getting better though.