Saturday, November 26, 2016


Testing still.
It's hard to say at what point the exposure of light is correct.
Technically I am shooting something I'm not supposed to capture.

So by nature my subject is fully blown.

Sunday, November 20, 2016

into the light

Rule of thumb is = "don't shoot directly into the light"
The source of light.

It must be one of those things.
You might lose your sight. One of those things.

So I'm trynna' see if this works.
Shooting directly into the light. 

in the End

I took pictures at a construction site.
Manager always sits and watch, while others work like...

should i say,

Ants or slaves?

We live in a weird time.
But it's been like this for millenniums.
We're meant to be equal, but we are not.

Some sit, some carry heavy shit and die.

What's the difference?
Education? Caste? How rich and lucky your daddy was?
Genetics? Color? Race?

It can always be how hard you work, how much you work, how dirty you are... I mean that in the inside.

In the end, all matters.
But nothing matters. All of them mentioned can just go down the toilet.
Because, we are meant to be equal. I mean that "in the End."

Tuesday, November 15, 2016


Im posting some filler images. 

These 3 images talks about Dewali. 

1 - It's at night. 
2 - A lot of smokes. 
3 - Kids are watching. 

Commercial Lien has been hot under the ground for a while. 
It has been proven that it works

Like a hot knife on a butter, commercial lien is like surgeon's knife on a patient called corrupted judicial system. 

That's some filler knowledge you can googlee-googloo.

Power to the people. 

Friday, November 4, 2016

gotta make it pristine

The man is peeking.
 We have peeks into people's life, this internet age.

Blog this blog that, paparazzi here and there.
Gossip here and gossip there, hey it never ends here.

Why are we interested in others's life?
Why are we so damn interested in what people say?

We like to become like someone, like Hollywood stars.
Live in mansions and get attentions, it's all the same.

I wanna piece of him. I wanna piece of her.
We are like zombies.

Perhaps photography made it vivid and real.
A day of Monroe. A glimpse of Kennedy.

Oh you can almost imagine being someone else.
It's like slapping a piece of meat on our zombie face.

(I gotta update my web.. it's a bit too clutter'y... )