Thursday, December 12, 2013


I don't post finished photos (cover image is not done) here and I don't have a website.

I feel very bad. Like bad boy bad.

I have to do something. Like run into a wall.
Wait this is a photography blog. (so much art)

It's quite hilarious though.

Monday, November 4, 2013

Art at sale

What happened to all the hype that went on saying Art was hot, Art was now and Art is IT?
Well, I don't know, the most controversial never sell well, until Art itself gets reinvented with mass appeal applauding. 

So what the hell?

Well, whatever. 

WeJungle at "Smoke Filled Room #19-65" Exhibition
Aliwal Arts Center

The Jungle is now "formally"-speaking Fine Artists. 

We never thought we'd make it this far. 
Invited artist to present in a building built by the nation. 
This is perhaps the most formal we can be. 

But then again, of course we were aiming for this. 
Why throw a stone without making the pond shake?


Screw all, let's make the wave shake. 
The director of ArtStage (biggest money convention Art expo with Warhol and Murakami selling off the wall) knows us, and of course that means everyone knows us. 

The Jungle. 

We're no longer underground. We are "Gutter-ground" or going H.A.M.
That's Hard Ass M-Fokkers. 

Saturday, August 3, 2013


This is the "what the fu.." artwork.

People piled garbage after garbage while we all poured resin over and over.
Like a robotic machine.

I tried to reflect the nature of people because I think its important to learn what we are doing wrong.

about 30cm tall.

Holy shi..

I'm making sculptures.

This was done with many many people. Always many many.
Many many many many.

Wah lau way.

... now that's Singapore.

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Galactic Experience


Vaseline Monroe

Aluminum Monroe

Red Monroe

All Warholian Artworks by The Jungle

We are in a monotomy of bullshit. 
This is where shit is created every day. 

In life, according to zen master Soho Takuan back in the hoohas (thats like 400 years ago), shit came at you like a blades of katana. Right and Left. 
So, the buddhist monk wrote a letter to the head sword-master of Yagyu clan, that, shit comes at you, in life, like blades of katanas. Right and Left. 

That was when it was first written in history, that shit came like blades. 

There goes life. 

So, everyday, under a conscious mind, we are given a chance and a choice to decipher and make your decision, to what-to-do in life. 

When a blade comes at you, are you going to sway? Strike back? Cut-through?

The Japanese culture nourished by Zen (or Buddhism, as Zen is Buddhism) then came back with an answer. 

“Mu-tou” they called it, and it meant “No-sword”. 
You catch your slicing sword coming at you, with your bare-hand. There are techniques to steal the sword, break the sword and even to throw your opponent to the ground.

The zenith of sword fighting was to stop killing. 

If we are in a time when bullshit is created for us everyday instead of natural incidents, then we are but forced to abandon our weapons. 

I wonder how many men mr. Yagyu had sliced to achieve the “mu-tou” philosophy, but since its been done, we already have it in our hand. 

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

MArilyn by Jungle

by The Jungle

Consequence is what zen people would say “shit coming at you”. 

Shit is inevitable. 

Consciousness is important. 

So lets connect consequences and consciousness, because it is a great journey. 
When life is given a life to live, it is set to board a life long journey called “being in shit.”

Nightmares happen as much as dreams come true. 
Sorrow will create anger and you suffer from your own hate.
Once upon a time, when you looked into the mirror, you may have revealed yourself as a rejection. That exactly is the shit we are placing on the table. 

The question here is “why?”

As we all have questioned the question of why, it is now then thus important to reveal the secrets. 

The fundamental truth to life is that “things are happening for a reason.” 
This “reason” is the motivation of life itself when faced properly with pure intention, but anyways we get lost. 

The reason is the shit. 

Some culture may refer this to “The shit”,  because shit is happening for YOU. 

The concept is almost deceiving unless your consciousness is fully opened. Why are things happening for you? People dying, people being blown up, people being shot down by armed forces? Yes, for me, for an example, it is happening so I can realize life is not eternal. That life is harsh and unfair, and most likely everyone should do something about it. So is people dying for me? NO. 

In short, a pen dropping to floor happened to open up a conversation with a girl. 
A car crash happened to wake myself up from being spoiled. 
A bullet in a gun didn’t fire because, well, god knows what, but it can mean something

So in the end, we are to ignore the myriads of reasons and logics. 
Instead, we are to focus on what is happening now, and choose to act upon under your (our) own choice of action. 

Consequences called “destiny” of “life” happens every day. 
Consciousness brings you to realize your choice of action. 

And shit is inevitable...

Straits Times fuck yeah

Stepping into the Empire

Have you ever fist-fucked the lord emperor?

Well, perhaps the jungle is doing...

So WeJungle (or The Jungle) has gotten its name on the Straits Times, centerfold.
For our festival we have produced.

The jungle was the producer, director and manager.
Thanks to CityNomads and Word Forward, partners in crime.