Tuesday, November 20, 2018

website came back

I came across what's known as "automatic renewal" and clicked why not.
Years have passed and my credit card number changed.
Automatic renewal failed when it charged the old card number, obviously.

I read e-mails but I ignore 80% of them, especially if it's corporate mails.
Like those "hey we failed charging your CC during your auto-renewal period"
Yea yeah, sure, has been my attitude.

30 days has passed and obviously I was like "hey why isn't my website working?"
Next thing I check, a vulture company snatched my account and my domain is taken.
"It's gonna cost you $500 and it's perfectly legal and it's called business."

I paid and next thing I tried moving my domain, it told me "60 days non-transferrable period".
Ransom, hostage, whatever you wanna call it.
It is just business, as usual.

Tuesday, October 30, 2018


I view this world from afar.

Distance makes present feel distant as if it is afar.

I feel as if I am distant from the world. 

Saturday, October 27, 2018


I reworked on this image. Color changed and details are showing more. 

I'm doing cyberpunk.

It's already here, is my message.

wake up is another take on my message, if you want to take it far. 

Photographer Charles Osawa

I'm just emphasizing so that people won't forget that I am a photographer.

I'm redoing photography altogther.

Friday, October 26, 2018


I'm using Ricoh GR2.

I'm exploring something new, with a different shooting style.

It's a photography blog.

Charles Osawa, I'm a photographer.

This is a photography blog. 

Friday, October 12, 2018


I made a series called "American History X".

I've shown it to all colors of Americans. 

So far, I have a 100% approval rate.

Link goes to my catalog.
All of them are numbered.

Not all of them are for sale.
Not all of them are catalogued.

Sunday, October 7, 2018


This is a photography blog. 
I shoot photos so much. 
So many photos of my OWN WORK. 

I became an artist, kind of, one day. 
I became an artist like genie puts a hat o me. 
poof, voila. 
Go make some art. 

I am so lucky because I am a photographer. 
Otherwise, documenting your work is almost impossible. 

Wednesday, October 3, 2018

REMEMBER that Photo?

I need people to remember. 
That shot. 

I shot for these people. 

My friends.
He doesn;t want to show his face.

His brand is all about people's dark tones.

Photography is in demand to have people pay attention to what the artists are saying, through clothing sometimes.

I love it.

Making Art. 

WHY This is a Photography blog

Power of Photography is Jesus to us Photographers. 
It is the Bible. 

Yo hows that photo better than the rest...?
Power of Photography. 

It gets re-used, it gets referenced, it gets remembered. 

Power of Photography. 

Loved by everyone. 

Proof of da POWA.

Tuesday, October 2, 2018

This is a photography blog

I get confused very often too.

I'm a photographer. Like for real. But everyone's a photographer nowadays, so I'm cool being an artist.

Photographers used to be created by another photographer, like Syth from Star Wars.
One disciple at a time. Most of the time.

I had few mentors.

I was first picked up on the streets of New York.

Thursday, September 20, 2018

New York

It's a cold city and winter is still months far.

People are here to make their names, money and something more.

It's like eating eachother while being eaten by each other.

It needs to be repeated twice like a mantra.
New York, New York. 

Friday, September 14, 2018

Johnny Two Times

"You're so FAT!"
Johnnie took too much acid that night, he confessed to me.

"You're a first sergeant! And, you're FAT!"

Johnnie was in the NSA in the 70's, and he fat-shamed his 1st-sergeant.
I guess being honest gets you far. Literally.

"The next morning, I was sent to Alaska. It was an 'order'. Turns out to be, though, the next best 2 years of my life in the US army." He said with a smile.

Johnnie read my tarot two times.
He joked about this movie character called "Johnnie-Two-Times".

"My name is John. Call me Johnnie, like Johnnie-Two-Times."

That's how he introduced himself to me.

"Wow! Did ya see it?! I told you about this card and Bam! Here's the pair. Oh my god, I'm having shivers because I've never seen this happen, I mean, can you SEE? Isn't it obvious?!"
He got excited when he read my card the first time.

"There you go! I told you there was a pair of this card. and Here it is! I told you about the other pair last time, remember? The other pair you got? And now this one! I'm telling ya, I've never seen it happen like this, oh jeez, Wow!"
He got excited equally when he read my card the second time.

You cut your own cards in Tarot.

The man who got kicked out of NSA for being too honest, on LSD. 

Sunday, September 9, 2018


Hello earth. 
Carry your trash sometimes. 

I have been annoyed by our society for a while. 
I am crazy because I think if we get rid of gasoline, we can clean our streets. 
Those cars are dirty it makes our streets dirty. 
If our streets were clean... hold on... humans are so dirty, even without gas cars we still be dirty. 

Our streets will be filled with our trash. 
We deny, push and shove anything inconvenient from our site. 
Problems are like food wrappers. 
We are busy to open and devour, but what about the food wrappers?

Carry your trash sometimes. 

Friday, August 31, 2018


Noguchi Isamu, also known as Isamu Noguchi was a famous American artist. 
He is considered 20th Century's one-o'-da-best sculptors from the US-of-A. 

Noguchi also shared studios with the mo-tha-fo-kkin Bucky, also known as the Grand Father of Hippie Architecture. 
Bucky and Noguchi were basically the United States's best of the bests who were best friends. 

I think this is like the sweetest story in our recent history of American art and culture. 

To commemorate the awesome American legacy lead by a dude who thought,
"I should make a lamp"

I alsodecided to make lamps.

I forgot the whole story of why he decided to make lamps. 
Perhaps his sculptures weren't selling. (I have no clue lol)

But he made a lamp and it looked like this (mine). 

... Kind'a. ...

Jeez don't judge. 
I'm doing Noguchi. 

Friday, August 17, 2018

Patricia Bonilla

Patricia was one of the first residents at the infamous Brewery in DTLA.
It is where the whole Downtown LA Art scene started.

Old school.

We decided to destroy some abandoned parking lot and make public nuisance a new word.

These are the things we do sometimes. 


Patricia has brain damage.
She gets seizures.
Falls straight to the ground sometimes.

There's always a point of no return.
Sometimes, it's like that.
Morning comes, and it's never the same.

Wish you never were here?
Wish never had any traumas?
Wish you had a normal brain...?

"I am so sick of this"
She points out her stacks of medical records.
Let's use it for my sculpture. 

Wednesday, August 15, 2018

super busy

Persu (super) busy

Give you a hint. 
Jeeezus shit dont go well when it needs to. 

Prepared as Batman I am. 
Feels like repeating life many times. 

It gets easier as it goes by. 

Tuesday, August 7, 2018


I paint too. 
I paint in a way robots can maybe compete against me but I'm like better because I'm imperfect. 

Wednesday, August 1, 2018

Venice Beach today

We went to Venice Beach.
We promised never to return again.

"You see those homeless encampments?"
an elder man who stopped by was talking to me.
"Their NEW thing is, to put up some fake arts and stuff to look like they're selling something"
and collect money from the tourists who know less.

What a day.

Thursday, July 12, 2018

how i do it

It's about time to tell how I do my Art. 
I'm gonna reveal it. all 

Standardized Trash Sculpture (v3.1n)
Hospital Trash, Resin

I don't clean my trash.
I wear double protection in case of danger.

Standardized Trash Sculpture (v4.1)
Used Sex Toy, Trash, Resin

It's all human memory.
I try not to intervene at all, and let it be. 

Friday, June 29, 2018

its a sculpture

I can't sell a product if people are looking for fine art. 
I don't think we have a definition of what "fine art" is anyways. 
Most people don't know the definition of "artform" (unplanned action) and ha ha ha. 

Let's all be nice to each other. 
People are not that smart. 
I may know things about sushi or two. You wouldn't most probably if you never had one. 
So maybe we can all agree some people only know what art is. 

"Oh is that a sculpture?"

Yes it is. 

Industrial era

Warhol liked how prince and pauper would pay the same price for a can of coke.
Can of coke.
It's everywhere and it's pretty much the same price.
Mass production makes that possible.

These are minis.
I make mass produced fine art.
I mass produce them, or at least, my attempt to micro mass produce.

Friday, June 15, 2018


The fact of the matter is that we have problems piled like garbage piles.
I can't imagine we being over this.

Let's like imagine.

Peace. Equality. Freedom.

I just imagined three things we think "impossible" to achieve.
Piled problems with hope in despair. You think of humanity in disrepair.
Maybe we need to look at it, like, look at our problems.

"Did you take out the trash?"