Sunday, January 31, 2016

I made an update to my website adding WeJungle's exhibition fest photos.
Internet makes photos downloadable.

The power of internet thus says you can steal images online and use it (unless otherwise stated).
I think the law changed already but honestly, how can you stop people from copying/receiving datas?

Erase your data/memory, wait cannot!

I can't be a bitter bitchass. 
Steal, steal all the way. And use my photos and mek mah photo faemus. 


Thursday, January 28, 2016


Distortion can be fixed.
You just gotta not rely on that while shooting.

Tuesday, January 26, 2016

I updated

my FASHION page.

on my website.

Also, my Interior Architecture photo page too.

I'm using this thing.

It's like the google URL shortener.
It has a tracker as well.


Power of internet clicks through our ways.
All steps are tracked so smart people are saying to use encryption.
And smarter lol people are even saying Aliens can read all our sex-texts and Hillary's classified e-mails. That was a joke, btw. Hillary.

(Snowden allegedly said something about our old grandpa generation (60+) that has put even Joe Rogan to rant about our old peeps NOT getting the technology. Encryption etc.)

Trackers track!

Sunday, January 24, 2016

Eri Imamura

Eri Imamura, HOPE - 2015
from collection "Nippon Phenomenon"

I went to this Art bullshit fair called Art Stage.

It is where all the wrong people come to get the wrong art.
But once in a blu e moon, you get to see the real shit.

Eri's poshy cushion depicts horrific reality Japanese face atm.

Tuesday, January 19, 2016

old shot OZORA

This is from OZORA 2012.
Two days before opening. Of course, pre-pre-party has been going on since 4 days ago.

This was the first year the big bust went on.
You trancers would know.

Psy-Trance is one of the most interesting global underground culture.

It is cleanest for sure.
Even with today's impetuous penetration of trash culture, Psy-Trancers are generally the cleanest.

Love and always, happiness.



childhood friend

SNoW - Los Angeles, 2015





Wednesday, January 13, 2016

TOOL Lingo

Industry is a sly bitch.

Imagine you're an intern. You get yelled. You reach for help. And you discover....

INDUSTRY LINGO 101 for Photosop.

1. J-Tool (Jay-Tool) : "Healing Brush Tool". It is too long and hard to remember.

  • Shift + J: to switch, otherwise J is "Spot Healing Brush Tool" by default. Very different.

2. O-Tool (OH-Tool): Known as "Dodge and Burn".

  • use lower % for Wacom tablet.
  • Shift + O: before asking "how to switch between dodge and burn?"

3. B (Bee): Brush Tool. Can be used on ANY Layer. Most versatile.
  • Often followed by "Press X" (Press-Ex): FOR MASKING.
  • "B-Button": If someone says "B button" by accident, he's either an elderly or Geek Wizard ;))). 

4. Q-Mode (Qeue-mode): Press Q. It is Quick Mask "mode". Don't freak out when everything is Red. 
  • "Don't freak out": Often people panic because it often turns everything RED. Press "Q" again.
  • "Press B": Press B right after Q to make life easy. Check your Opacity and Hardness % before clicking. 

5. "Ask Google": Open internet. Google it. 


Clone Brush: It is Clone STAMP Tool. Often mistaken for J-Tool as results are similar (not really).

Healing Stamp: There is only 1 Stamp, and many brushes.

Friday, January 8, 2016

ON Warhol

I am professionally established (#lol) as an exhibition designer. Was, perhaps.

I PM'd an exhib design on Warhol. (I was a exhibition design project manager of an exhibition of Andy Warhol)

Kid you not, I did my whole research HERE.

So, reading this whole story will give you a whole different look on the man.
I can summarize. ;)

Andy Warhol.. he goes like this..........

He suffered a rare skin disease when he was a child.
That made his balls sparkle rubies (blood clots) like stars.
He was so shy he never joined the New York orgies, but drew.
He became the most successful graphic designer selling shoes (and cars).
Then he lost his heart in Asia, coming back to be the most famed illustrator.

He started selling reject prints at Serendipity.
He got hospitalized for ass fucking so hard.
Just blew away every penny making movies.
With his stars he picked up off the streets.
Until he got shot three times in his silver factory.

Then the 70's came and he rather spent up the ground.
With Jackie and Jaggers and just more to come.

Well, he spent more time professionally fucking around, supporting arts and culture,
until he died in his dream on a hospital bed.

Good bye Andy.

The man who gave Art to people.
Even Basquiat was one of the Warhol-childrens.

So it goes.


1200% is where you want to go if you need to go pro'er than pro.
It means, you really don't have to.

PIXEL is the new-age definition of imagery.

No longer chemical floating between plastic. Pixel.

Pixel means, first, you can zoom in.
Pixel means it is no longer physical.
Pixel means everything is numerical.

Each pixel is RGB (R=xxx, G=yyy, B=zzz)


Go to sleep. Class is over.

This is it. That's all. There is nothing beyond #002.
Use the knowledge for yourself !


New Year!

Happy. Be happy.

I was walking along the construction site to see a Jamaican-looking dude doing paint jobs.

Moments later when I walked pass by again, I smelled some hint of green (like the medicinal weed green).

This is the second out of second time (2/2) that the same thing has happened.

It made me happy. Don't ask me why.
The manager looking dude who came by also looked happy.

Ask them. :)

I'm posting photoshop 000 today.

This is called the "3-point curve".

It is the first thing a retoucher would learn.

Look at the dots.

I made 3 of them.

Along the Vertical lines.

This is how it goes:

The RIGHT one is the light one
The MIDDLE one is the base
The LEFT one controls darkness.

Cover the BASE, then control the Light and Dark.
Controlling midpoint (the middle dot) controls overall contrast when those other 2 dots are created.
Otherwise, you read the mountain (histogram) and do wut you wana do.