Saturday, April 25, 2015

Time has changed and sculpture became an artifact to surprise people. 
This goes deep. 

There were two phenomenons. 
The first was to surprise guests who came to your million dollar house, and maybe get a fuck out of it. 
"Wow its so big"
"It's so beautiful"

The praise became like a venom. A potent energizer that is supposedly poison. 

The movement became so big. 
To own a thing that surprised people at your rich place became a thing. 
And so it came, the second phenomenon, on the television. And everyone, had to have something to show after watching that show. 

Today, art is status. 

Status that you're so IN. 
Educated, flawed and superficial. You believe money can buy anything. That's why when there's no more cars to entertain yourself, you go art. Cuz people don't know Chagall or Cezanne, because you gotta be at least been at an western Uni to encounter these names. But Basquiat became so common after all the rap music started singing. 

Delusional and lost, we wander the street. 

What shit did ever make sense?
It's better, let's put it this way, to look at Alien Poop sculptures than chasing the superficial movement that is called Art today. 

Thursday, April 9, 2015

I went to Cebu

I went to Cebu with an exchange for a hotel fee by a sculpture I've made.

I am a photographer.

Dali's wife stated Andy Warhol was not a painter, he was (is) a photographer.

I am a photographer. I make trades with Arts.

See it makes sense. (lol.

Language is simple but we yet do not access to translate each other very well.
That's an irony too.