Sunday, September 25, 2016

Goodbye Singapore

So the world is rotating. 
And because of that, gravity pushes from inwards and out, from the center of our Gaea. 

Which theoretically makes our planet hollow. 

someone laid the 'loo-loo' bomb. 

I know.
When someone is going 'loo-loo',
everything sounds whack.

Like a city that locks up anyone who would talk against the empire.

You sound whack?
I'll fuckn' lock you up.

"What are you talking about?"
About Singapore? the world?

You're out of your mind. 

It's like, seeing apples in the market. 
Who'd think an ugly apple would taste good?
Must look good, then must be good. 
Must look bad, then must be bad. 

... Right...?

Who'd question that?

Must be outta' your mind. . . 

Must get outta' Singapore. 

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Enjoy the journey. 
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