Friday, December 29, 2017

editing magic

Ladies and kids. Welcome.
Gentlemen, go find your own tips on your own. Be a man bro. lol.
(interestingly all pro photo tips I've earned are all from males)

Here's an editing magic. This one's my own. 

There will be a time when demand demands you to "Don't change the overall image but I just want dark part dark and edgier and highlight to pop."

Yeah, that's me demanding myself. 

Top image has Exposure +.10 and contrast at -30.
HSWB is at : +27, +22, +27, -15
Bottom image as Exposure at +20 and contrast at +8
HSWB is at : +27, +20, +25, -3

Pretty much the brightness of the image is identical, but bottom image has more contrast, blacker black and poppier highlight. But the middle ground bright white DID NOT CHANGE.

Okay what the hell, right.
Bottom image added +38 of contrast. That makes things crunch a bit. Middle ground gets slightly darker. That's the +.10 to the exposure.

Next, the HSWB.
Highlight does not change because contrast did the job.
Shadows are identical almost, with -2. This is a borderline dismissal. Our eyes can easily tell from +-3.
Whites have been tweaked by exposure, but it's cool so we do here at -2.
Black is where the change has happened severely by contrast.  +12 because that's where details started revealing.

The key is to understand what happens to the histogram when you move shit.
What I did, was simply smudge that pointy mountain (Top image histogram) to the right so it will join the Big mountain in the right (Bottom image histogram)

These alterations of histogram results in more balanced overall color that gives a "stronger" image.

Tuesday, December 26, 2017


I'm doing color lighting now.
Color lighting is considered the hardest.

My red blew out like its nothing.

Monday, December 25, 2017

Saturday, December 9, 2017

I make psychedelic butterflies for kids. 
My youngest fan is named Odin. He is like 5. 
I don't really show my butterflies around but I made this digital version so ppl can take one home. 

This butterfly's name is "Odin".

Thursday, December 7, 2017

Never straight, never perfect. 
It looks straight at first glance. 
But I can't make anything perfect. 
I don't even want to. 
When you're demanded of perfection, expectation demands only for perfection. 
Never beyond. 

That's kinda dumb. 

We can seek perfection in the imperfect beings we are, by being perfectly us. 
Never straight, never perfect. Just us.

Wednesday, December 6, 2017

Adore Noir

Adore Noir magazine is going to put summa' muh phuotos December 10. 

Aight, it's about this colony that's attached to this power plant. 
It recently exploded. 
I shot them about a year before the accident. 
I finished and sent for submission just around the time it blew. 

this is October issue. 

I'm gonna be featured this coming December issue.

You can check out my work on my website. 

Tuesday, December 5, 2017

gonna be featured

yeah, this is a photography blog.

I'm sure people keep forgetting as I drift into the art world.

So, this series "Unchahar Lights" got some official magazine feature coming Dec. 10.
I'll put up some link for more info.

This photo represents everything we want to grasp on to.
String of hope, dash of light, something like that.

It's those things that slip outta' our hands.
Those things like life.

Sometimes life is like a flickering flame that can be blown out by a gust of wind.
So we have electricity running through cities.

Like a string of hope.


This is Chaya Mediina fro Visions LA. 

She is wearing HABTE jeans. 
I met this kid selling tea. 
He had some good tea (bros this is not weed) so I started befriending him. 

"Bro you got good shit, man"

"Yeah man, here, smell this one"

"Wooooaaaaaah..... what is this?"

"Bro, this is rooibos, ginger, turmeric and asdkahw..."

My memory couldn't remember that many shit inside one tea.