Wednesday, July 18, 2012


While ago, I bartered for a mural to paint for an art festival.

Many things happened like Jason spilling black paint all over the floor.
Washing paint with fire hose.
Stepping on rotten mangoes.

Monday, July 9, 2012

Darker than Wax

I forgot her name

I'm doing 90's comic in photography.
Japanese comic.

Every moment is like "Akira".

So serious (hahahahahaha).

Anyways, that's very Japanese.

Dean Chew, 2012

Kinda work in progress.
Pretty much done, but a bit over-blown so gotta control that...

Thank you Dean and Darker than Wax rec., for giving me these shots.

Thursday, July 5, 2012


It's so 1950's Jazz, this picture.

He spins psychedelic funk.
Very good Dj.

This is his label in Singapore.


The difference in color from the previous one is deliberate.

I kinda like my light on the right now.

Maybe I won't erase it.

Dean Chew

work in progress

This picture is work in progress of mr. Dean Chew.
He's an architect.
I'm gonna erase that light on the right.

When I was living in NY, I heard rumors like "Rem Koolhaas, he's actually a good Dj" or like "Dan Woods ripped his throat in karaoke".

Architects are weird.

Photographers too.

Artists even worse.

But life is Art itself so everyone's a WEIRDO!

Dan's a nice guy.
Dean's a nice guy too.