Thursday, September 20, 2018

New York

It's a cold city and winter is still months far.

People are here to make their names, money and something more.

It's like eating eachother while being eaten by each other.

It needs to be repeated twice like a mantra.
New York, New York. 

Friday, September 14, 2018

Johnny Two Times

"You're so FAT!"
Johnnie took too much acid that night, he confessed to me.

"You're a first sergeant! And, you're FAT!"

Johnnie was in the NSA in the 70's, and he fat-shamed his 1st-sergeant.
I guess being honest gets you far. Literally.

"The next morning, I was sent to Alaska. It was an 'order'. Turns out to be, though, the next best 2 years of my life in the US army." He said with a smile.

Johnnie read my tarot two times.
He joked about this movie character called "Johnnie-Two-Times".

"My name is John. Call me Johnnie, like Johnnie-Two-Times."

That's how he introduced himself to me.

"Wow! Did ya see it?! I told you about this card and Bam! Here's the pair. Oh my god, I'm having shivers because I've never seen this happen, I mean, can you SEE? Isn't it obvious?!"
He got excited when he read my card the first time.

"There you go! I told you there was a pair of this card. and Here it is! I told you about the other pair last time, remember? The other pair you got? And now this one! I'm telling ya, I've never seen it happen like this, oh jeez, Wow!"
He got excited equally when he read my card the second time.

You cut your own cards in Tarot.

The man who got kicked out of NSA for being too honest, on LSD. 

Sunday, September 9, 2018


Hello earth. 
Carry your trash sometimes. 

I have been annoyed by our society for a while. 
I am crazy because I think if we get rid of gasoline, we can clean our streets. 
Those cars are dirty it makes our streets dirty. 
If our streets were clean... hold on... humans are so dirty, even without gas cars we still be dirty. 

Our streets will be filled with our trash. 
We deny, push and shove anything inconvenient from our site. 
Problems are like food wrappers. 
We are busy to open and devour, but what about the food wrappers?

Carry your trash sometimes.