Monday, October 23, 2017

the future

The future is coming.

That doesn't slow down for you.

Spiritualism and religion often say time will come and nothing is ever the same.

Oh yes, that means we live only in now and not then or when. Now.

Let's not waste time, because now happens only now.

Saturday, October 21, 2017

look straight. don't sway.

Okay Charles, it's time to sleep. 

Don't worry. It's just all part of it. 
Don't worry Charles. It's time to sleep. 

I watched artist Alex Grey's video art "Tipper" while under influence of what it's meant for.
Bliss, love, thoughts... everything passes by.

End of the video makes me realize every time.
It's ending, it's ending.
Like the day that ends in sleep.

It's ending, it's ending.
"But I haven't done enough"

It's ending, it's ending.
"But I don't want to go"

Don't worry Charles. It's time to sleep.

So I say to myself.
"So look straight, and don't sway"

Don't worry Charles. It's time to sleep.

good night everyone.
see you tomorrow. 


I wonder where emotions come from. 

We see pictures and it makes us feel something. 
We peek into the eyes and read what's in their mind. 

But we can't read thoughts. 

We speak with eyes and emotions. Vibes. 
We feel. 

True language is psychic. We feel each other. 
Sometimes we peek into our eyes. 

What's in it?
Soul? Maybe something like 'emotion'. 

Thursday, October 19, 2017

blurry image

Memory fades.
For better or worse.

Just like us.

How much do we remember? In crisp, photo like sharpness. How much of it is actually real?
To me, memory is like a blurry image.
Sometimes I can't remember people's face.

I look into the viewfinder (that thing you peek your eyes when you're using the camera) sometimes without shooting a frame. I feel that memory fades.

Just like us.