Monday, November 27, 2017

Osawa Charles

I make sculptures bro.
I make art.

I shoot photography bra.
I shoot art.

I make good breakfast homie.
I cook art.

I'm sure you make too.

Control the WAVE!

All my curves are generic and therefore a product of results. 
Don't you hate on me cuz it looks cool. 

Today I'd like to write about curves. 
Typical shapes reappear as I fix color. 

I call this the Muscle Tone curve. 
Notice how RGB is being separated contrast to the white (overall) curve. 
It's like flexing the muscle in color and tone. Cool. 

This one is called (you know it's me whose making these names) Reverse Butterfly curve

Notice it's only 1 color that's going nuts and creating a complete reverse sine wave type of situation in contrast to the general (white) curve.

If you've followed my blog, you've seen this a lot.
I call this the Follow the Mountain curve.

Waves in toning color occur a lot.
I call this situation the Flock of Bird situation.
This ones got 2 birds that's not flying together.

Wednesday, November 8, 2017


The man behind the deck is Wikileadz. Also known as Maxime from France.

He lives in Thailand.

Did you know the people of Thailand is called the Thais, and the land of Thais are called Thailand.
There is no "Thailand people" or "Thailandese". It's just Thais.



I'm finally using Gel in photography. 

Color photography, at its hardest. One of, at least. 

"Watch your light!" my mentor yelled once. 
T'was the only time followed by "I'm teaching you."

Cody Ellingham, 2017

Color gel was my mentor's "thing" supposedly. 

It's so hard to watch the light. Light is like so fast. 

It was only until recently that I've found out that it was easier to 'watch' the light when it is colored. Literally, that is. 

I gotta watch my light.

It's too late but I wish my light was 10 degrees higher, slightly facing more toward my side.

I gotta watch my light. 

party scene

I can't do this for living. 
But I document DJs. Underground DJs. Local DJs. Your neighbor DJs. 

This is N. 
He is the man behind Singapore's psychedelic underground scene. 
But psychedelic trance became too slow, and he had to go Hitec. (is it Hitec or Hitek?)

The hitec scene is generally 180bpm and Up. Max 220.
When it reaches 190bpm, music becomes impossible to mix with the aid of computers.

"Just chase the music"

N tells me time after time.

"Just chase."