Tuesday, August 19, 2014


BluJazz, Singapore 2014


I do shoot cheese. 


behind means

Archie and Dean

Deejays are fun to hang out with.

U get to go behind.
Your girl's got a purse? Well, lucky me. Safer than VIP lounge.


When you photograph a party, you don't get to party.

It really sucks.

People are beautiful and these moments prove we're okay whatsoever.
It is hard to describe, but it's not your lets-get-fucked-up attitude that gets through.


Singapore is a tiny dot, kinda not really but part of Malaysia.

You may wonder, why these people dance in this tiny dot island.
Those, darker than black circle thingy spinners…
Until 3am.

Isn't it wonderful?

Thursday, August 14, 2014


とりあえず(tori aezu) means,

moving on.

Dharma and Khama exists.

Toriae-zu move-on.

about old stuff

Some stuff I dig from older photos.
It's not too great.

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

I did it

The battle of changing my cover image is done.

It's the same image, but different.

This man is Kaye from Darker than Wax.


cover photo…...

I cannot change the cover photo.

I have to find where to 'click'/

Since digital era, photographers no longer shoot. We click.
But digital is changing, and photographers are shooting now.

The photo is Dean Chew from the Darker than Wax crew in Singapore.

hello again

These are done.

These Djs are called Darker Than Wax. 

They are in Singapore. 

I shot them like… 2 years ago. 

When I shoot for myself, I cannot create a deadline. 
Its usually 1 month - 1 year, but this one took 2 years. OF mainly forgetting and coming back, over and over. 

The lens flare is beautiful. 


I've been away for a while.

To the "Land of Corporates"….

The Land of Corporates.

It is a mysterious island where only corporations reside.
Of course,

There's a lot of other stuff, like the harbor and the red light districts…


I now have time to invest on shots that take hours-and-hours…….

I started colorimetric'ly correcting pixels, so it doesn't offend the "code".

The "CODE" of Photography.

Thou shalt adjust light while it goes thru your machine.
And light only, in a veeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeery loose sense.

When you digital dark room,
you get to zoom in.

Pixel language.

Color noise and stuff like that can be changed "Dark-Room'ly", if done with respect.

I have to change my top image, but I totally forgot how to do it.
While I still remember all my digital darkroom to-the-tee.

Anyways, persistence is gold.
I have been busy doing art then architecture then art then design, but it has been a long time and my hands are back to my camera.

Because this is a photography blog.