Wednesday, December 30, 2015

still alive

For those of you who know me as "Charles from the jungle" ....

Well, yeah, that is still alive.

Straits Times article, 3 months ago.



Sunday, December 27, 2015

when sh$t is fuck@d up

It's hard to tell how color works unless you see it happening.

Sometimes, we fuFck things up.
Sometimes, that color on that corner is off.
Sometimes, the whole range of spectrum is just off.

Sometimes, life gets complicated and twisted.
It takes a lot to fix it.

It dwindles and cross turns.
Like that green getting in your way.

So this is how it look when shit is just fusked up.

There's always order somehow, and when you don't know what's 'right' or 'wrong', follow whatever that looks better/beauty ;).
And if you don't know what's beautiful... step out and look at nature.

Saturday, December 26, 2015


When I was a teenager, I saw this movie that blew my mind.

It was a three-part movie on love.
It's a french film, but the director isn't french.

It's a classic. You know what I'm talking about.
Red White and Blue.

Red blew my mind.
The color red. So innate. Deepest colour, I swear.

Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Thursday, December 17, 2015


Industry is a sly bitch.

"Money shot."

These are my money shots from the beach series.

the new new new new thing

editing part


I like crispy lighting. It's so divine.
It constantly reminds me of sunlight.

I got some crisp.

Lifestyle, portrait, enviro ports, fashion, archi, commercial... all combined should equal to Art.
That's the attempt on this ghetto fabulous photo.

This is my new style.

Saturday, December 12, 2015


Black and White can be redundant.
There's only subject, motion and topic.

"That's so cliche" is like saying "that's so classique"

Whenever there ain't much to do, you can shoot cliche.

(not so finalized)

(not so finalized)

Wednesday, December 9, 2015


i have nothing to post at the moment.

I'm painting my mom's restaurant's entrance area, cuz it looked like SHIT.

Mommy said to me with sigh.

"Britney came."

As spears were thrown, she moaned with laughter out of sigh.

"So the Japanese TV called us immediately. Somebody called the @#$% media."

Mom's restaurant looks like shit from the outside, but it's been a hideout for many people.

"And C$lso poured this concrete over, it looks like #$%***."

CXlso has been working forever. He was the manager of the infamous Sushi on Sunset.

Restaurant is a hard business.

When I was a teenager, I worked for a while and noticed it's quite tough.

So before we get any more funny comments on Yelp about how shitty it looks,

Momma told me to paint some butterflies.

Monday, December 7, 2015

being so portrait

I decided to take pictures of people, like, again.

What I think is, everyone can look 'good'.

I'll prove you attitude.

Some people rock like living the life rocking it. Who knows what they are doing, what they will do, what they can do. It's more simple, like, "are you rocking it?"

It ;)

Sunday, December 6, 2015

another portrait

Happy holidays. 

I photographed Naomi last month. 
I was not sure of this photo. Her hair.........................

I no longer grow boobs or erase moustache. 
I leave most of it all there. 

Over here, her skin is 100% raw fresh straight out from the pixel catcher. 
Sure, darkroom can change stuff. But take a look. 
It's her natural skin. No retouch. 

Naomi Sundberg, 2015





I'm presenting my layers cuz I'm a geek.

Layering is simple because I put all my layers in multiply, screen and soft light.
I change all RGB on all my 3 curves (dodging, burning and contrast layers) so that I can tune color and brightness at the same time. With these 3 layers at 3 different blend modes, you can control all 3 axis of color; hue, tone and saturation.
After I mask, I basically cut time and effort by 9 times approximately.
My soft-light neutral layer is for detailing. ("Layer 1")

That's all it should take when everything goes well. ;)





Hit 10K!!!

thanks thanks.

I hit 10k.

"I" got the 10k.
That's why I was able to take that 10k picture.

ohh nooo....

Thanks to the people who's been hitting me.
It beats me with joy ;)

Saturday, December 5, 2015


I'm into old stuff.
Past haunts me.
I'm afraid of future(/death).


There'a band that's coming back from the dead /jk called the Yen Town Band.
They were featured in a Japanese film directed by Shunji Iwai, "Swallowtail", a story of yen-tauns at yen-town.

Power of photography was at its best when the time was 90's.
The film's power of photography made me think of pursuing film when I was a kid.
Swallowtail was shot on a shaky handheld video-camcorder.
Although, everything was amazing. Shit created gold.

Power of Photography.

Friday, December 4, 2015

portrait of city

I came to remember that past memories are unforgettable. 

You remember stuff, like its written on your palms. 

Sure, its wrong sometimes. 

So you take a photo. 

You look back and see what you've taken. 
Like you take it all like its all yours. 
Sure, it's your life, it's yours. 
Your picture that is. 

Life is too bright sometimes for anyone or me. 
It's like looking in to the sun at night. 
You can't figure it out all the time. 
Take a picture, look later. 


Wednesday, December 2, 2015


I do black and white photography when I feel classic.
It makes it look like 1915 when its 2015.

I always capture something odd, because I celebrate uniqueness. Or rather say imperfection.