Sunday, September 25, 2016

Goodbye Singapore

So the world is rotating. 
And because of that, gravity pushes from inwards and out, from the center of our Gaea. 

Which theoretically makes our planet hollow. 

someone laid the 'loo-loo' bomb. 

I know.
When someone is going 'loo-loo',
everything sounds whack.

Like a city that locks up anyone who would talk against the empire.

You sound whack?
I'll fuckn' lock you up.

"What are you talking about?"
About Singapore? the world?

You're out of your mind. 

It's like, seeing apples in the market. 
Who'd think an ugly apple would taste good?
Must look good, then must be good. 
Must look bad, then must be bad. 

... Right...?

Who'd question that?

Must be outta' your mind. . . 

Must get outta' Singapore. 

FREE book online! "Singapore Black and White" : My love letter to Singapore. 
Enjoy the journey. 
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Wednesday, September 21, 2016


So I did my book on Singapore.
It's digitally free, because, who pays for photo books nowadays.

Honestly, we are becoming nomadic.
Coffee table books are treasures of 2000's and now we are in the 2010 era.
Books are heavy to carry and people are poor.

You can download my 'books' for free on my download page:
download the book here:

Saturday, September 17, 2016


chilling like a boss, she sits in the chair.

she looks at her half eaten pasta with a hint of disgust.

"Fuck this gluten shit, it don't gimme good shit"

I was like yeah thats true, but she didn't say that.

It is me who's saying in my head.

Photo speaks a thousand word.
what does she say in your head?

Sunday, September 11, 2016


wow wtf is dat?
Is that a squid?
Is that a fish?

No, it's a man with wings.
No, it's a standing squid-man thing that illuminates.

It's just a dude with a kite that has some LEDs on it.

this shot is an excerpt from my NEW book "Singapore Black and White".
An alternate side of Singapore.
Because black is not black and white is not white in Singapore.
Everything is in between... just like black and white photography.

Although, I push.
I push like I'll show you 100% white and 100$ black, and everything in between.
This is where Daido meets Ansel. Like what I am.
A japanese american in California.
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Saturday, September 10, 2016


It is situations that puts you to wonder. 

The next question is simple.
"What?" or "when" and sometimes "where."

We have so many questions we cannot answer.
So I choose to photograph them.
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Tuesday, September 6, 2016

alright dudes.

Singapore is hot. 
It is not scorching hot. 
It is hot, like, "oh ma god, its so humid my body is sticking and its... nasty..." hot. Forever. 

 have some beer.
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The world is going nuts with SpaceX rocket blasting and fishes dying in Vietnam and Walruses being Fucked in the Ass in Alaska. 

What more do we need? Clinton and Trump?
We as humans should really do something like boycott US presidency campaign and grow food and... oh yeah, if you're in some parts of Europe... store food. 

Start helping each other. 

Saturday, September 3, 2016

I have a lot of people from Ukraine viewing my blog

We have moments we cannot speak of. 
It's sometimes remembered in our soul. 

Perhaps that looks dreamy in retrospect. 
Memory is always a reflection of past. 

These photos are from my newest series "Singapore Black and White"
It's very simple. 

People only speak of Singapore in color. 
How dreamy it is and how its so bubbly 90's. 
Well, come see the other side of the story. 

My story is simple. 
There's no color in this one. 
People often forget about those who cry. 
Sometimes, it is important to not forget.
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Friday, September 2, 2016

you can see my house

I used to live on the left corner apartment. not the tall one.

this image captures the Sri Srimasa....vasi...-watever- Perumal temple.
It's a Perumal temple.

So it's a temple for... Shiva...?

Yeah, it's that god that you smoke ggggaaaannja to pay respect to.

So you must smoke up to go to this temple Jk lol. not real.

But smoking to pay respect is for real.
In India. Not in Spore. Spore is uptight,,, anal uptight.

People say Spore's gotta 'loosen' up.
It's true.

Above image is ... shit what was that festival where you poke needles.

This is another festival that Singapore basically F&*KS around w the people.
Regulation this and that, now people can't even poke them needles inside their temple. (it's a religious fest)
Ramesh from MeshRadio (the only ex-pirate radio station in Spore) was furious one Thaipusam day.

Because Chingay parade gets to be gangsta and do watevs but these brown devotees gotta suck up dirt and shit.

S/pore gotta 'loosen' up...
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