Tuesday, February 27, 2018

sneak peek

editing now.
lets see if this shot survives.

City life ;D.

in the summer

This is Mo Carpio.

She is wearing Shaggbag.

Shaggbag has some cult followers (like me) from the psychedelic community.

Nice strike!

We gotta have a striking pose.
Like a flash of lightning. 

Friday, February 23, 2018

Thursday, February 15, 2018


CHARLES OSAWA is a Los Angeles-based artist and designer whose talents span the broad spectrum of photography, fine art, architecture, and design. Charles’ distinct aesthetic and artistic sensibility represents the culmination of his LA upbringing, Japanese heritage, and expeditions throughout the globe.

While obtaining his BFA in Architectural Design from the Parsons School in New York City, Charles was initiated into the world of fashion photography, working under renowned photographer Dah Len on commissions for leading publications such as Flaunt and Elite Traveler. Leveraging this vital experience, Charles would later move on to work as an editor and art director for Pulitzer Prize-winning photographer, David Turnley, on his book Mandela! Charles has also assisted on various photo shoots for BloombergBusiness under the wing of rising star Chris Goodney. 

Charles has applied his unique vision as a design consultant and architect on numerous projects throughout the world, including for the 2013 and 2015 Tokyo International Photo Festival, Ricoh’s flagship “Ring Cube” photo gallery in Tokyo, and various art exhibitions for the Singapore ArtScience Museum, such as Andy Warhol “15 minutes-Eternal,” “Essential Eames,” and a Magnum Photos exhibition. In addition, Charles has been a prolific contributor to Singapore’s burgeoning street art scene as a member of the WeJungle collective, with whom he has produced numerous art festivals garnering press coverage from Vice and Singapore’s The Straits Times

Since returning to his hometown of Los Angeles in 2017, Charles has concentrated his efforts on fine art. His works have been exhibited at The Hive Gallery, 1162 Gallery, and at Studio City’s iconic Iroha Sushi restaurant. For 2018, Charles has been commissioned to paint a mural for the landmark Hotel Congress in Tucson, which will convey a unique, post-modern vision of Arizona’s lush desert-scapes and rich history.
I am intrigued by humanity. Where we can go, where we're at now and how we proceed to the future. Barbaric, intelligent and still lacking sympathy, we humans ape the world into catastrophe. That's at least how media has taught me with fear. Hence, I wonder about where trash goes. I wonder how recycling is done right and wrong. I wonder how our consumption will meet its end. How will we meet our end...? 

I am intrigued by our hope. Children and things like that. I used to be like them too, once happy and careless. Taciturn I became as wiser I've become. Age comes with sourness. Therefore I paint butterflies and sweet things like that. Why not teach them some too, by limiting my visual language to simple things like circles, triangles and squares. Break some rules on the way. 

In two paragraphs this is me. 

I am selling art because I am therefore I am. I skipped thinking there. I am therefore I am. Me? I am Charles Osawa from Los Angeles, city of angels. 

Friday, February 9, 2018

Hello everyone. 

I've been making trash. 
I stopped counting but when I complete it should add up to like 100. 
100 trash army lol. 

They're all gonna look like eachother. 

Just like you, and me, and you and me and you. 
Cuz we're all same in the end. 

are we not?
your one and only cult leader

Thursday, February 8, 2018






happy be happy

I have cult followers.

A lot of them are secret followers who creeps on me.
Yo don't be shy.

Cult followers worry not.
I won't let you down.

Life feels like an addiction.
I thought we were done.
Then we go nuts.

Can't let go of it.
Don't you need a fix?
It's called Happiness, we're hooked.

Logic throws us off.
I still remember the man, who looked into mine, to ask -
"What, is Happiness?"

"It's a moment" I replied.

We live for this moment.


Tuesday, February 6, 2018


I gotta write generic stuff. 
I have an idea. 

Let's run an Ai writing the most generic stuff. 
It will be so mundane you gotta doubt it's human. 

Because we are unique and creative. All and all. 

You're not a robot, are you?

Sunday, February 4, 2018

This is a photography blog

I'm being confused by people that I'm an artist.

I'm a photographer faking as an artist. Just like Warhol. That man got called out by Dali's wife.

I am a designer as well. I designed my art. Like Eames. That man only made one building.

Maybe I'm like a kid trynna get in with a fake I.D, to the sunnyside of the factory.
You know, just like everyone.

Los Angeles.

I guess that's why I make art from trash.

But you know, it's just how things are.

Because I've been always called out as an artist, all my life. I got tired denying.
There was a girl who got tired of bending back for me.
She told me to be serious about my art.

Saturday, February 3, 2018

A homeless told me "there's so many bodies burried in those mountains."

This was my third time hearing the story of bodies in mountains of Los Angeles.

Maybe it's bodies of lost angels.

"Yeah man they are all in the parks"
"You'll see crazy shits man, rituals and stuff"
"Yeah, they're all religious. They believe in this thing called...."

"It gets really real fast here. Especially from like 2 to 5."
That's AM.

I make trash sculptures and stuff like that.
If you see a homeless dude with my trash pendant, ask him about Echo Park.