Saturday, November 29, 2014


While ago, I captured fire. 
Not really. I think I finally caught it now. 

This beautiful liquid like energy. Combusting like there's no tomorrow. 

Entropy is the scale of time. 
Through decay, we sense time. 
And entropy is at maximum when in combustion. 
Fire is time accelerated. 

How peculiar that it emits light. 
I wonder if we appear shining to aliens who can see time in full. 

cropped zoom

Friday, November 28, 2014


cropped portion

just some documentary photography.

No CG. No pixel moved. Only color moved dark-room-ly.


His name is Storm Cloud.

Wednesday, November 26, 2014


I really don't post finished works here.

I'm really #working on my website.
Oll the taim.

Saturday, November 22, 2014

Lighting 101

None of these are heavily edited, yet. Maybe.

I am doing lighting 101.

Back to basics.

Oh yeah, I had none (basics) cuz I was picked up on the streets!

The second one is better, i think, because it looks yummier. 

A yummier light is soft yet hard yet delicious yet scrumptious. 
My top light is soft yet hard. 
My kick is hard. 

I'm kicking it sideway to get that scrumptiousness (hard light). 

A typical standard trick is "Hollywood Lighting". 
It means your kick light must be entering from watever-way but 90-degrees from your primary. 
In most cases, primary lights are to mimic the sun. 
A backlight from another 90-degrees (thinking now in XYZ, go figure) is ideal but that's a budget issue. 

At this point... this is kinda like my limit LOL so I have to take it to Photoshop from here on....
Life is beautiful. 

The Shit

The shit is people (we all) believe in something more.

That italicized more means more. More than more. More than what we have, in this world.
More beyond, who knows, but we cannot catch it.

How lovely is that? And even more lovely is us naming it love. 

How simple was that? 
Catching the dare-say.

Dare-not-say? Why blow away the magic?

Kiss the sky and ponder more, what really could it mean.
For one, it means no more than words.

But for two, now how dare say.

We can control "it" said Jedi and all sorts, but it depends on "us" says the teachings.
Teachings are in culture and art, and religion has been our nature to follow the conduct.
Faith is perhaps unique to human, but it shapes us to what we are. Lack or full of it.

All in all, why don't we move on.

Yo uknow, it's really hard to cut the shutter when you think too much.


Friday, November 21, 2014

Like watevs

Very interesting... fish. dish.

Janet Jackson used to come to this place that has this food until MJ went.

 Lighting is everything. Light is everything.

You may ponder.

Cuz without it,  it'd be pitch-black!

Who'd buy a photo that's pitch black. Like, you wouldn't buy a White painting, would you?

...oops did I say something wrong?

そんなこんなde PHASE 2



That's right.
Sooshie. America's favorite food.

I'm photographing food to hone my skills.

Top image has yucky lighting. Bottom one is better, though .





Tuesday, November 18, 2014


Just because it's a crop of a vision through a medium,

it cannot be Photongraphy.

Shit ain't that easy (lol).

Wednesday, November 12, 2014



This shot is "stage 1" of the process in Photongraphy.

Photon is now taken digitally, and the capturation of photon differs DRAMATICALLY when the light source is extreme.

Stage 2 is.

"What to do....."

(stage 1 was "feeling the vibe")

Because photon is now taken into the medium differently, pixel language can be a source of breakthrough in exploring how to paint with light.


there's a flare and the light source is over-blown and there's a 'Hare' (j-term: Halation) and ghosts are shown too.
Plus, there's a double-line bokeh (nisen-bokeh) in the back.
I don't remember, but in color, there must be a purple-fringe as well.

technically, this shot is "useless".

Don't you wanna say "effk you"?
So that's why we've got stage 1, 2 and 3. Maybe.

Thursday, November 6, 2014

おことわり notice


I am full of mistakes. I cannot apologize for being imperfect. Voila.

(website coming up)

photos of recent memory.

I'm hungry for art. 
Every shot has got to be Art. 
E'rry shots gott'a be Art. 


wassup biatches is the vibe, 2014

Let me talk about the light here. 
It's RED. 

Wow like a tomato, but hot like a potato. 
What to choose? Oh, click here, it says "cross-process" button. 
Welcome to digital-era. 

This is part of photon-graphy too. 
(joke, so this one is really unfinished. top potato)

Kid on beach, 2013 (?), Gili Air

People believe in me sometimes. 
So I repeat the conduct of 'proper'-ness. 
Proper means Zone-System. Proper means Ansel said "shit I shudda done color more."
He's the founder of Zone-System. 

So it means no one knows anything while artists conduct process of art form. 
This meant the whole generation of hoo-haas of the post 60's, btw. 

Fast forward, if I may, it concludes to "make it better." (80's)

Nude, 2013

I'm doing 90's here where shit became "shit belongs on wall on my dining hall and it must be at price of X and with a frame of Y, so then it shoult not be A and B or C or F. Thust thou then it shall be... Now prove it."

I had no choice but a, b, c, or f. I believe choice g was "all of the above."

This continued until 2004. be continued.

Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Cloudy'ing the tea

In Japanese you can say to "cloud a tea", when you are covering up an act or a moment.

Like, let me cloud the tea with this photo, to have you forget about my "updates" on photos.

Ng Sze Kiat, 2012 (?)

By the way, 
Light is beautiful. 

Lighting is everything because photo is photon. Hashtag lol. 
As long as photon creates photon-graphy, which becomes Photography, light is everything. 


Light is Photon. 

Go figure.