Monday, September 12, 2011

Why am I in NY?

I get this question a lot.

I have to say destiny guided me since 3.11.

I was sm=king as usual in Thailand's jungle one day.
As the beach nursed my beaten soul from my former French boss, another beach washed my people away up north.

I said to myself.

"Wah lau, it's like the start of the end of the world."

I am sure I wasn't alone.


Naomi wears her choice with Chanel (which is not shown lol)

September hit me and it was around the start of the 6th day of the 9th cycle in the Mayan calendar. 
As night turned into day, consequences start to hit me hard. 
I said to myself again.

"Wah lau, this calendar really works! Rock!"
Within few days, I held a ticket in my hand with prosperity. So I took advantage of my consequences, like, having a girl to shoot, making stupid mistakes and accidentally extending my stay from 4 days to 1 month, having many couches to sleep on, and some people to meet. 
Wah lau..... drifting lah

But I always say to myself. 
There seems to be many reasons as hundreds, though there is only one true reason for myself. 
Hence, I say to myself. 

"why care?"

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