Friday, December 29, 2017

editing magic

Ladies and kids. Welcome.
Gentlemen, go find your own tips on your own. Be a man bro. lol.
(interestingly all pro photo tips I've earned are all from males)

Here's an editing magic. This one's my own. 

There will be a time when demand demands you to "Don't change the overall image but I just want dark part dark and edgier and highlight to pop."

Yeah, that's me demanding myself. 

Top image has Exposure +.10 and contrast at -30.
HSWB is at : +27, +22, +27, -15
Bottom image as Exposure at +20 and contrast at +8
HSWB is at : +27, +20, +25, -3

Pretty much the brightness of the image is identical, but bottom image has more contrast, blacker black and poppier highlight. But the middle ground bright white DID NOT CHANGE.

Okay what the hell, right.
Bottom image added +38 of contrast. That makes things crunch a bit. Middle ground gets slightly darker. That's the +.10 to the exposure.

Next, the HSWB.
Highlight does not change because contrast did the job.
Shadows are identical almost, with -2. This is a borderline dismissal. Our eyes can easily tell from +-3.
Whites have been tweaked by exposure, but it's cool so we do here at -2.
Black is where the change has happened severely by contrast.  +12 because that's where details started revealing.

The key is to understand what happens to the histogram when you move shit.
What I did, was simply smudge that pointy mountain (Top image histogram) to the right so it will join the Big mountain in the right (Bottom image histogram)

These alterations of histogram results in more balanced overall color that gives a "stronger" image.

Tuesday, December 26, 2017


I'm doing color lighting now.
Color lighting is considered the hardest.

My red blew out like its nothing.

Monday, December 25, 2017

Saturday, December 9, 2017

I make psychedelic butterflies for kids. 
My youngest fan is named Odin. He is like 5. 
I don't really show my butterflies around but I made this digital version so ppl can take one home. 

This butterfly's name is "Odin".

Thursday, December 7, 2017

Never straight, never perfect. 
It looks straight at first glance. 
But I can't make anything perfect. 
I don't even want to. 
When you're demanded of perfection, expectation demands only for perfection. 
Never beyond. 

That's kinda dumb. 

We can seek perfection in the imperfect beings we are, by being perfectly us. 
Never straight, never perfect. Just us.

Wednesday, December 6, 2017

Adore Noir

Adore Noir magazine is going to put summa' muh phuotos December 10. 

Aight, it's about this colony that's attached to this power plant. 
It recently exploded. 
I shot them about a year before the accident. 
I finished and sent for submission just around the time it blew. 

this is October issue. 

I'm gonna be featured this coming December issue.

You can check out my work on my website. 

Tuesday, December 5, 2017

gonna be featured

yeah, this is a photography blog.

I'm sure people keep forgetting as I drift into the art world.

So, this series "Unchahar Lights" got some official magazine feature coming Dec. 10.
I'll put up some link for more info.

This photo represents everything we want to grasp on to.
String of hope, dash of light, something like that.

It's those things that slip outta' our hands.
Those things like life.

Sometimes life is like a flickering flame that can be blown out by a gust of wind.
So we have electricity running through cities.

Like a string of hope.


This is Chaya Mediina fro Visions LA. 

She is wearing HABTE jeans. 
I met this kid selling tea. 
He had some good tea (bros this is not weed) so I started befriending him. 

"Bro you got good shit, man"

"Yeah man, here, smell this one"

"Wooooaaaaaah..... what is this?"

"Bro, this is rooibos, ginger, turmeric and asdkahw..."

My memory couldn't remember that many shit inside one tea. 

Monday, November 27, 2017

Osawa Charles

I make sculptures bro.
I make art.

I shoot photography bra.
I shoot art.

I make good breakfast homie.
I cook art.

I'm sure you make too.

Control the WAVE!

All my curves are generic and therefore a product of results. 
Don't you hate on me cuz it looks cool. 

Today I'd like to write about curves. 
Typical shapes reappear as I fix color. 

I call this the Muscle Tone curve. 
Notice how RGB is being separated contrast to the white (overall) curve. 
It's like flexing the muscle in color and tone. Cool. 

This one is called (you know it's me whose making these names) Reverse Butterfly curve

Notice it's only 1 color that's going nuts and creating a complete reverse sine wave type of situation in contrast to the general (white) curve.

If you've followed my blog, you've seen this a lot.
I call this the Follow the Mountain curve.

Waves in toning color occur a lot.
I call this situation the Flock of Bird situation.
This ones got 2 birds that's not flying together.

Wednesday, November 8, 2017


The man behind the deck is Wikileadz. Also known as Maxime from France.

He lives in Thailand.

Did you know the people of Thailand is called the Thais, and the land of Thais are called Thailand.
There is no "Thailand people" or "Thailandese". It's just Thais.



I'm finally using Gel in photography. 

Color photography, at its hardest. One of, at least. 

"Watch your light!" my mentor yelled once. 
T'was the only time followed by "I'm teaching you."

Cody Ellingham, 2017

Color gel was my mentor's "thing" supposedly. 

It's so hard to watch the light. Light is like so fast. 

It was only until recently that I've found out that it was easier to 'watch' the light when it is colored. Literally, that is. 

I gotta watch my light.

It's too late but I wish my light was 10 degrees higher, slightly facing more toward my side.

I gotta watch my light. 

party scene

I can't do this for living. 
But I document DJs. Underground DJs. Local DJs. Your neighbor DJs. 

This is N. 
He is the man behind Singapore's psychedelic underground scene. 
But psychedelic trance became too slow, and he had to go Hitec. (is it Hitec or Hitek?)

The hitec scene is generally 180bpm and Up. Max 220.
When it reaches 190bpm, music becomes impossible to mix with the aid of computers.

"Just chase the music"

N tells me time after time.

"Just chase."

Monday, October 23, 2017

the future

The future is coming.

That doesn't slow down for you.

Spiritualism and religion often say time will come and nothing is ever the same.

Oh yes, that means we live only in now and not then or when. Now.

Let's not waste time, because now happens only now.

Saturday, October 21, 2017

look straight. don't sway.

Okay Charles, it's time to sleep. 

Don't worry. It's just all part of it. 
Don't worry Charles. It's time to sleep. 

I watched artist Alex Grey's video art "Tipper" while under influence of what it's meant for.
Bliss, love, thoughts... everything passes by.

End of the video makes me realize every time.
It's ending, it's ending.
Like the day that ends in sleep.

It's ending, it's ending.
"But I haven't done enough"

It's ending, it's ending.
"But I don't want to go"

Don't worry Charles. It's time to sleep.

So I say to myself.
"So look straight, and don't sway"

Don't worry Charles. It's time to sleep.

good night everyone.
see you tomorrow. 


I wonder where emotions come from. 

We see pictures and it makes us feel something. 
We peek into the eyes and read what's in their mind. 

But we can't read thoughts. 

We speak with eyes and emotions. Vibes. 
We feel. 

True language is psychic. We feel each other. 
Sometimes we peek into our eyes. 

What's in it?
Soul? Maybe something like 'emotion'. 

Thursday, October 19, 2017

blurry image

Memory fades.
For better or worse.

Just like us.

How much do we remember? In crisp, photo like sharpness. How much of it is actually real?
To me, memory is like a blurry image.
Sometimes I can't remember people's face.

I look into the viewfinder (that thing you peek your eyes when you're using the camera) sometimes without shooting a frame. I feel that memory fades.

Just like us. 

Wednesday, August 2, 2017


So, this is how color works inside computer.

Red is next to Orange, and when you move Red, a lot of times the Orange 'needs' to move.
Red is like best friends with Orange.
When you gank up the Reds, for example, to the intensity you desire, sometimes you're putting Red in a situation where it gets pretty far away from Orange.
Thus, color splits and suddenly your smooth gradation from Red to Orange gets shagged like Grand Canyon.

Nowadays computer does it all for you, but, the key is to get these guys to line up so they don't bounce out. Purple and Magenta is an exception in this image, because I barely have purple and magentas in my photo (this time).

Make sure they look nice. Like "oh that looks cool" or "pretty".
Usually they need to be aligned smoothly in order to maintain the quality of gradation. 

Saturday, July 29, 2017


Attends Santa Monica College. 

We shot at his school. 
Los Angeles. 

Kids go to school. Concrete triangle. That looks nice. 
Here, go in between that triangle. Lol. 

Look comfy. 
Just slit inside there, like you belong there. 
But be comfortable. 

"Like a King." 



I didn't that say that last part.


I'm posting my standardized sculptures on product page ;)
Standardized trash sculpture is one form of how trash sculpture will be tailored by Charles Osawa (#me). All trash are salvaged and granulated by Charles. I took a great amount of time standardizing to shorten my production time. That's right. I spent a lot of time to shorten time. 

Today is a world of complicated hypocrisy and contradictions. All my production hopes to somehow reflect and relate to that. A whole mess of mess, I suppose.

It's all household trash, for now. 

I work at home, because I can't really afford a studio. I bang a lot making noise, and mix toxic chemicals (resin). Please support my growing need of stuff like food and water by purchasing my trash. I put a bit too much effort in this. 

Why standardize? I'm a fan of Warhol. 
I like the process of mass production. I can make as many as possible within the shortest amount of time, and it will somewhat look all the same if you're machine enough. I'm a human doing machine job, dumping trash into a mold and solidifying it to sell. What do you call this? Oxymoron? Contradictory? Or... simply moron. 

"Oh my god, is that a candy wrapper?"
Yes it is. 

Sunday, July 23, 2017

Part2/2 of Unchahar Lights. 

I can tell you about Unchahar and my life.
But maybe not.
You can stare at them lights instead.


Friday, July 21, 2017

these are my Unchahar lights

I wonder a lot of stuff like life. 
Where do lights go after it disappears?
Where do our life go to?

I think of how lights can disappear at an instant flash. How precious. 
And then, perhaps we have starlights to shine and guide, but I can't be sure.  

Sometimes time's moving so fast it leaves us behind. 
Like people leaving us behind. 
Gone for good to some other world. 

"Don't leave me behind," you can scream. 
But time won't wait for you.

Don't leave me, don't leave me. 
But lights are faster than sound. 
Before you cry out, it can go out without a sound. 

(Part 1/2)