Monday, November 4, 2013

Art at sale

What happened to all the hype that went on saying Art was hot, Art was now and Art is IT?
Well, I don't know, the most controversial never sell well, until Art itself gets reinvented with mass appeal applauding. 

So what the hell?

Well, whatever. 

WeJungle at "Smoke Filled Room #19-65" Exhibition
Aliwal Arts Center

The Jungle is now "formally"-speaking Fine Artists. 

We never thought we'd make it this far. 
Invited artist to present in a building built by the nation. 
This is perhaps the most formal we can be. 

But then again, of course we were aiming for this. 
Why throw a stone without making the pond shake?


Screw all, let's make the wave shake. 
The director of ArtStage (biggest money convention Art expo with Warhol and Murakami selling off the wall) knows us, and of course that means everyone knows us. 

The Jungle. 

We're no longer underground. We are "Gutter-ground" or going H.A.M.
That's Hard Ass M-Fokkers.