Sunday, January 25, 2015








Saturday, January 17, 2015


I like to make my curves reflect color data. 

This is how you read computer. 
The white line controls the effect you want. The grey silhouette symbolizes the captured information in graph format. 
In 2-D scale, all you see is 'darks' and 'lights'.
In 3-D scale, we would additionally see 'hue' that determines colour. 

Curve tools are control format in 2-D scale. Up and down. Light and dark. 

This guy (picture) had a mountain full of information in the center (data in neutral grey tone). The zig zag creates a contrasty effect, but if you look at my white line, the curve reflects the grey mountain in the back.

What does this mean?

Now this one, I made it so my white line reverse-reflects the grey mountain.
It is hard to see in curves, so you can read the numbers below.

Actually, I'm not thinking while doing this, but rather just making the picture better-looking.
Somehow, the curve I cast reflects the grey mountain. And it feels extra good when it does.

It is peculiar to feel that something matters, or makes sense, when you tract it retrospectively... especially when it is not controlled.

It must be destiny, el-oh-el.

But if every image has their own destiny, maybe the curve can show a glimpse of their story, in their binary sense.

That catches my attention.

Friday, January 2, 2015


Ihiro, now director of Tokyo Institute of Photography  told me 500px is hot.

I abide his choice.

Now that my website did come through (lol), I'm working on new stuff.

New portfolio. I've been using the same for almost 3 years.

....but first!
Let me sell my images on 500px!

Thursday, January 1, 2015


My light on the top right is 'uncontrolled'.
Hence, this is not a good shot.
No matter how good it's hitting my dog.

I think I shud crop a bit tighter.