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Thursday, September 13, 2012

And people bought it.

Pretentious value backed by academia is rotting the industry. What's worse is the pretentious mis-values generated through academia in order to control. What is there left when values are mis-taught are senseless minds generated like in a factory. 

So the young minds and talents then go to the industry, to further confuse the situation. 

The tight link between academias and corporations in the high-elite society is also misleading. Because of domestic patron-ship, academic scores and talents are often unnecessary and disregarded when a door has been opened. 
The neglect of equal competition under flat field is thus real and crucial. Because the majorities are socially engineered into believing that life, world and society automatically serves people with equality, but most are ignorant to the fact of corporate back-doors. 

Statistics has cleverly proven academia's strong influence and success in producing socially adept workers. So people believe into these lies of mis-values and wrongful education. Paper thin accolades such seen on resumes hold strong power in order to confuse authoritative judgment. Should a company listen to the brain-washed academic deputies, or ignore their voice that has been magically proven correct by statistics and corporate success stories?

Of course, the success story is a lie in most tales. The real-world no longer strives on talents and goodness of man-kind. Kindness has been drained out of our sponge called brain, and talents have been masterfully decoded and implemented systematically to manufacture pretentious act of creativity. 

And people bought it. 

So this is our time to prove ourselves. 
That mankind can retain their kindness to strive. 
That creativity from the source of Love is stronger. 
And we are the one to change and form our life, world and society. 
Not under another's superseding judgment, opinion or greed. And wake up. 

a harbor

3 dots, wavy line, and a watch-house thingy with 3 dashes.

"Why NOT?" because it just so look so good.

But I like how the pattern of wave coincides with the pattern of the 3 dots.
And the shadow streak that dashes through the composition. Right on the horizon.
But it's not the real horizon. It throws you off. It's the visual horizon.
The composition is wrong, but the weight is balanced by the 3 dot thing. The super-long horizontal composition saves the day by taking you way far to recognize the balance and equity. And your thought is cut straight by the watch-house and the mysterious 3 dash that looks like a flag.

What was the journey about....? What was this painting and all, all about?

You may think.
And go back to "oh yeah, it's a harbor."

To remember.

This is a story of the harbor, as much it is to represent, to be recognized, and to be loved. So that people would preserve.

Tuesday, September 4, 2012


"In all religion, maintaining balance is important. We are not born good or bad, but we become one. So we are what we are. A sponge."

I wrote that on my Facebook but it makes sense. 

We are like this wandering jellyfish thing in life ocean/sea. 

Floating we are, we wander. 

And because we are a sponge, we suck stuff. 
Like other people's negative energy, or Rastaman's positive vibe. 

So it may be easy to derail and go off to any of those corners indicated in the diagram art, but we can maintain balance and stay at the center. 

And chill.