Tuesday, November 20, 2018

website came back

I came across what's known as "automatic renewal" and clicked why not.
Years have passed and my credit card number changed.
Automatic renewal failed when it charged the old card number, obviously.

I read e-mails but I ignore 80% of them, especially if it's corporate mails.
Like those "hey we failed charging your CC during your auto-renewal period"
Yea yeah, sure, has been my attitude.

30 days has passed and obviously I was like "hey why isn't my website working?"
Next thing I check, a vulture company snatched my account and my domain is taken.
"It's gonna cost you $500 and it's perfectly legal and it's called business."

I paid and next thing I tried moving my domain, it told me "60 days non-transferrable period".
Ransom, hostage, whatever you wanna call it.
It is just business, as usual.