Wednesday, August 12, 2015

photography is

Photography is confusing. 
It is something people pay for, but not really. 

Photography is real. 
It is something that doesn't really exist. 

Reality is shady. 
It is like photography. 
It is a reflection of time, moment and watever material (photons, to be droll). 

So no wonder people don't want to pay. 
When 90's was still present, people paid for the "power of photography".
That is something fantasy. But real. 

Architecture is by: BAMBOOK

Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Lombok House, Gerupuk, Indonesia
architect - Paula Hueta (Bambook Studio)

Photoshop becomes geekish.

When your curve is hitting the mirror of your mountain (histogram), it means something. 

It means I can cut time, work faster and better. 
I don't care the rest but it works out like its like the other you , trapped in you, trying to come out, so I mirror the pattern and somewhere in the color, that missing link comes back to you. In color. 

Oh that photo (mirror reality) had this much color (realness)!
Is the effect I end up with. 

Of course you cannot do consciously because each mountain (histogram) makes a different story. 
Sometimes it doesn't look like a double-helix. But just like dancing. 

Tuesday, August 4, 2015

I went to Gerupuk

I went to Indonesia.
There's an island called Lombok, where pirates and tribal war still exists.
It is still in modernization, and globalization is currently taking over.

The surfers and travelers slowly bring culture into their land.

Lombok House, Gerupuk, Indonesia
architect - Paula Huerta

"What did the Americans do?"
I asked a local man. He used be in the watever government system where nobody was heard. 
I already forgot. 
"They took our land, our culture and our history."

"And so, what about your people? What did they do?"
"You mean those people in the government? The riches and the powerful. They sold us out."

He was from Gerupuk. 
A village east of Lombok, where things are not far from reality. 

Lombok House, Gerupuk, Indonesia
architect - Paula Huerta

These are my new shots.