Sunday, December 6, 2015

another portrait

Happy holidays. 

I photographed Naomi last month. 
I was not sure of this photo. Her hair.........................

I no longer grow boobs or erase moustache. 
I leave most of it all there. 

Over here, her skin is 100% raw fresh straight out from the pixel catcher. 
Sure, darkroom can change stuff. But take a look. 
It's her natural skin. No retouch. 

Naomi Sundberg, 2015





I'm presenting my layers cuz I'm a geek.

Layering is simple because I put all my layers in multiply, screen and soft light.
I change all RGB on all my 3 curves (dodging, burning and contrast layers) so that I can tune color and brightness at the same time. With these 3 layers at 3 different blend modes, you can control all 3 axis of color; hue, tone and saturation.
After I mask, I basically cut time and effort by 9 times approximately.
My soft-light neutral layer is for detailing. ("Layer 1")

That's all it should take when everything goes well. ;)

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